"Paper" always means “insecure” In people's mind. But now "paper" has become a high-tech new material for making furniture. The furniture which is made of paper meet the Individual requirements in accordance with environmental protection. This products are popular with the post-80s new generation consumers once the listed.

According to expert introduction, there are mainly two kinds of cardboard material on the market. The first one is honeycomb paperboard, the board which is made in according to the principle of honeycomb structure. The second one is corrugated paperboard. Corrugated paperboard has two main components: the linerboard and the medium. Structure of corrugated board: fluting + liners.

The furniture board which is filled with honeycomb paper core IKEA, the international furniture chain brand launched enjoy a good popularity in the world because of its lightweight and low price. Recent years, more and more enterprise start to produce honeycomb furniture.

With "honeycomb cardboard" becoming the internal filling material furniture is a big characteristic, it is not only save the raw material, but also reduces the weight of furniture board easy for transportation. The honeycomb paper core with the function of strong support strength and high durability is the best choice as filler of the furniture board after technique improvement and upgrade. The experts pointed out that "the honeycomb paperboard" was more appropriate to make thick mesa and thick plate furniture such as a bookcase, not only can save 10% - 15% of the cost, also can solve the problem of transportation difficulties. In addition, the paper can be recycled for 15 to 17 times, recycling to solve the problem of old furniture recycling.

At present paper furniture in China is still in the introduction stage. A lot of consumers concern about the furniture easy to be affected with damp and easy to damage. General manager of the paper artisan furniture Zhang Xiaocong explained, because of new nanometer materials change quickly nowadays, there are many new environmental protection products have been researched in the aspect of waterproof coating. They have good functions of moisture proof and waterproof to handle paper surface.

The future development trend of paper furniture in China gradually into the family

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The future development trend of paper furniture in China gradually into the family

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