Paper honeycomb machinery is the main equipment for production of honeycomb paperboard. Its advanced production technology, equipment loss is low, producing a high yield of honeycomb paperboard.
In addition, the paper honeycomb machinery to produce honeycomb cardboard with light quality, high strength, rapid prototyping, low cost, moistureproof, fire prevention, deformation, good rigidity, excellent mechanical properties, and so many excellent features such as absorption capacity.

For now, the most main application field of honeycomb paperboard has the following four aspects:
1. The construction industry
The most widely used in honeycomb paperboard can be said to be building industry, such as for processing door, partition wall, ceiling, wall panels, flooring, wall panels, prefabricated houses, open-plan office partition, etc.
2. The furniture industry
Honeycomb cardboard can be used to produce all kinds of board type furniture and general civil furniture, such as desk, closet, wall units, bed board, etc.
3. The transportation industry

The honeycomb cardboard also has very good application in transportation industry. In terms of the present transportation, honeycomb paperboard in buses, passenger ship is one of wood and man-made board is ideal alternative materials.
4. Packaging
Honeycomb cardboard in precision machine tools, instruments and meters, tools, home appliances, electronics and computer products, auto parts, such as glass packaging and shipping, food packaging and packaging of gap filling occupies very important position.
From above, it is not hard to see, in the introduction of several areas of cellular machinery in the construction, transportation, furniture, packaging industry and other industries all have important influence, but also in our social life plays a very important role.

The wide application of paper honeycomb machinery

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The wide application of paper honeycomb machinery

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